Breakfast Nooks

    We love a cozy place to drink coffee and eat breakfast. A little corner or area of the house just for the quiet moments of the day. This is why we love breakfast nooks.  Breakfast nooks are the perfect place to enjoy those quiet moments and can be used for so much more than sipping a cup of joe.


      The first thing to do to get started on your breakfast nook is find where in your kitchen or dining room you want to set it up. Once that is figured out, look for a table that will fit the shape of the room. A long, rectangular table goes best with small, narrow spaces while a round or square table goes best with square spaces.

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     Paint and lighting are up next. For the walls, light, airy colors will make the space seem bigger.  You shouldn’t rule out color though. If you decide to use brighter colors on the walls, make sure they aren’t too overpowering for the space. Accents of color in seat cushions, pillows, or even the table is always an option as well. Little lighting is usually needed for breakfast nooks because of their size. A hanging pendant light or small wall sconces are great fixtures to use. If there are windows around the space you may not need extra lighting.

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     The great thing about breakfast nooks is that there are many types to choose from. If you’re looking for something permanent, go for a built-in breakfast nook. Make sure to make use of all the unused space below the built ins for storage. Banquettes are long benches built into the wall. They can be curved or straight depending on the shape of the space and the table is not attached to the banquettes. If you don’t want to build the breakfast nook into your home, use free standing tables and chairs. You can look for chairs and tables at antique stores to find unique pieces for your space. 

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    Breakfast nooks have so much versatility. They can serve several other purposes besides a place to eat breakfast. They can be a place for kids to do homework, a place to read, or a fun area to play board games. We love the idea of having a quiet, little place to enjoy breakfast or read a good book. What do you think of breakfast nooks?