A New Way to Enjoy Your Cup of Joe – Coffee Bars

    If you take your coffee seriously, then you’re going to love this home improvement idea! Coffee bars are the perfect addition for anyone who absolutely loves coffee. They’re cute, fun, and give you a nice little area to prepare your coffee just the way you like. We put together some ideas and ways to create a coffee bar to help you get started.


    Coffee bars are all about personalization. They can be as big or as little as you’d like. When first starting on your coffee bar figure out where and how you’d like the bar to be setup. Don’t look past unused space in your home, it may be the perfect place for your coffee bar! Also, these bars aren’t just for kitchens, they can be placed anywhere. Entertainment areas, dining rooms, master bedroom, etc. are all great places for a coffee bar. 


    A kitchen countertop is a great place to setup a coffee bar if you have limited space for furniture. Find a good spot on your counter that won’t get in the way when you’re cooking. Make sure you distinctly outline the area so that it will be noticed as a coffee bar. To give your coffee bar a clean look and to help define it, you can put all the coffee essentials onto a serving tray to keep them organized.

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    A bar cart can be converted into a coffee bar. These are great because they’re not stationary, you can move them to wherever you need them to be. Plus, old bar carts can be super cute! A fun idea is to look for a vintage cart and make it all your own. Coffee bar carts are also good for storage, some of them have a try on the bottom of the cart to hold anything you may need.

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     Furniture pieces like dressers, small tables, hutches, etc. can be great places to setup your coffee bar. Dressers and hutches offer a lot of storage and help keep the space and bar clean and clutter free. Side tables or smaller tables offer a place to sit and enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee. Look for vintage pieces or furniture you can repurpose and customize. This will  make the space more unique and special to you.

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   Your décor for your coffee bar should resemble your style. There are so many fun and cute things you can add to give your coffee bar a little something extra. Decorative bowls and mugs make the space feel delicate and light. Pictures of family, art, or photos from vacations add a personal touch to the space. Chalkboards or chalkboard paint is a very fun accent to your coffee bar. You can write a mockup menu, leave little notes or quotes on it, or draw a picture. To give your coffee bar a sort of mysterious and mystical look and feel add twinkle lights to the space. You can either hang the lights above the space or put them on the bar. There are so many ways to customize the space to make it feel completely yours.


Images found on Pinterest,  www.bobvila.com www.hgtv.com, &  www.alwayschasinglife.com


   Coffee bars are fun and a great home addition project!  They can be styled anyway you want which allows them to fit with any home. They are the perfect place for every coffee lover to show off their favorite brews and mugs!