Thanksgiving Table Settings

     Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Time for delicious food and spending time with family and friends. For my family, it’s full preparation mode to figure out who’s bringing what and how to feed 40 people! While there’s a lot of food that will need to be prepped, there’s also the table (or in my case, tableS) that needs prepping as well. We put together this blog post to show different ways you can set your Thanksgiving Day table to hopefully make it easier and less stressful for you the day of.


    Before adding the decorations to the table, you need to set the utensils, plates, and glasses in the correct order.  Put the charger plate down first. This is a big plate that acts like a base for other dishes (it’s okay to not put a charger plate down if you’d rather not use one or don’t have one). Next, put down the dinner plate with the napkin on top of it. Put your salad plate on top of the dinner plate and napkin. For the utensils, put the knife and spoon (if you are having soup) to the right of the charger plate while the dinner and salad fork go to the left. Above the plates, the wine and water glasses are placed to the right. The bread plate goes to the left and the dessert fork and spoon are centered above the plates.

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   Now that we’ve got how to set a table figured out, let’s get to the table décor. 


     Bring out those vintage plates and cutlery your grandma gave you! Vintage plates and cutlery are absolutely beautiful. They give the table and room a classic and elegant feel. You can use patterned plates to add detail and interest or keep it simple and subtle with solid colors. For the centerpiece, use urn vases, mercury glass votives, and other vintage vases or containers to hold Autumn flowers, leaves, dried wheat, etc. Don’t be afraid to use more than one vase. Using different size vases or vintage bottles can help divide up the flowers and table. Plus, vintage glass is gorgeous and will add to the elegant feel.

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       Remember the Harvest. Thanksgiving is around the time of gathering the year’s harvest. Keeping this in mind, set the table as if you just gathered your year’s harvest by putting out pumpkins, gourds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seasonal flowers. The more the better! With all of the décor on the table, keep your plates, utensils, and glasses simple. Use colors that resemble the colors of Fall or go with a simple, crisp, white.   

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    Going for a dreamy look? Use neutral colors and subtle colored vases to give a whimsical feel. Gold adds a little sparkle to the table and helps in making the table feel dreamy and romantic. For your plates and cutlery, use white plates with gold trim or solid gold plates. Glasses can be gold or clear. For the décor for the table, paint varying sized pumpkins in whites and creams with a few gold. Long table length garland adds to the beauty and brings in an earthy feel. Tall, thin candles add to the romance of the look.

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       Have various styles of candlesticks, plates, and cutlery? Bring ‘em all out! Mix styles together to create a unique table setting at each seat. This is a fun way to decorate your table and it allows you to be creative and enjoy the process even more! Try to stick to similar shades of color and of course the colors of Fall. That way everything that’s mix and matched together will sort of blend together and look pretty. Use different style vases, candlestick holders, place mats, etc. for décor. Add pumpkins, gourds, seasonal bright flowers, and the works to top off the look.

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    To keep your décor all in one spot and off the table, you can use long wooden boxes to put flowers, pumpkins, etc. in. Make sure the box doesn’t sit too high otherwise it will block your guests view of one another. Table runners are also good for keeping your décor in one spot. Line your décor on top of the table runner for a beautiful line of Fall décor.                                                       

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   There are so many ways to decorate a Thanksgiving table to make it beautiful and unique. Remember to have fun decorating and not to stress! How are you planning on decorating your Thanksgiving table?