A Classic Christmas

  “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” It’s almost Christmas Day and we are so excited! Christmas preparations are in full swing! While we know we are in the middle of the month, some of us haven’t had the chance to start decorating or we’re too overwhelmed by all the décor options out there. There are so many ways and themes you can decorate your home with. We pulled together some ideas on how to give your home a classic Christmas feel everyone will love!


   Classic Christmas colors tend to stick to creams, crisp whites, and berry reds. Personally, I love to use creams and whites as a base color and add accents of red into the mix. But if you decide you want more reds than whites or creams that’s fine too. To get started, switch out pillows, blankets, table runners, and rugs to classic Christmas colors with festive designs or style. Look for items that offer comfort to give your home that cozy Christmassy feel.  

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    Christmas doesn’t look or feel like Christmas without a tree. Wrap your tree with warm, soft, white or golden lights.  Add ornaments with the same delicate look as the lights. Try to keep the ornament colors to the creams, whites, and berry colors. This will give your home a uniform look. Childhood ornaments, glass bulbs, and vintage style ornaments, and ribbon are great to use for your tree to give it that classic and beautiful look. Festive flowers, berries, and greenery added to the tree help give thickness to a tree and make it look beautiful. And don’t forget about an eye-catching tree topper!

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   The mantel is a great place to add some Christmas décor. Drape some winter greenery garland on the mantel to get started. A wreath on the wall above the mantel helps center the room around the fireplace and works well as a statement piece or focal point. Put some candles or white/red lanterns in varying sizes on the mantel to add a soft glow to the space. Festive signs are another fun décor idea to add to the mantel. You can use letters to spell out a Christmas message, chalkboards, or any other festive sign. Delicate banners are also another way you can add a Christmas message. And of course, don’t forget to put the stockings up!         

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   If you want to add more Christmas décor, red Winter berries, candy canes, and jars filled with ornaments work great for adding a few more touches. If you’d like to do something more unique, antique Christmas music sheets framed or put on display is a beautiful décor idea to incorporate. The music sheets add in a way an old-world kind of feel and they make the space even more unique.

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     Exterior décor is just as important as interior décor.  For classic Christmas style I like to keep things simple on the exterior. Outline your home with soft, white or golden lights. If you have a porch, line it with garland, Winter greenery, or red ribbons. Garland framing the door looks very beautiful. A wreath on the front door is a great and simple way to dress up the porch. Some wreaths can even be placed on the garland lining the porch. If there is a fence enclosing your front yard, give it some Christmas décor too! Garland and ribbon give it the perfect touch of Christmas cheer without going overboard.

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    Christmas decorating should be fun and un-stressful. It’s a time to get the house all ready for the festivities Christmas brings! We hope these classic Christmas décor ideas will help you in getting your home Christmas ready!




Tell us your favorite décor idea in the comments!