So Many Things To Do With Attics

    Attics are like the pot of gold for houses. They’re awesome spaces to use however you’d like! Remodeling your attic can add extra value to your home and give you more space without taking up space on your lot. We searched around the internet and found some great ideas for remodeling your attic!


    Before doing any major remolding on your attic, you should talk to a professional first. They’ll be able to help you achieve your vision for your attic more efficiently and safely. A professional should know your city’s codes on attics and the best way to get the remodeling done.


    Insulation is very important in an attic. An attic is the only room that is right below the roof and the one that will be most effected by weather conditions. Proper insulation will help in keeping the room safe from weather conditions and will also help in keeping air in or out. Because attics are above all the other rooms in a home, someone walking around in the attic might make too much noise for the rooms below. Beefier floor joists help in keeping the noise down. Blown-in-dense-pack insulation also works well for keeping noise down.


    Another important, but obvious, thing to think about is how you will get up and down from your attic. Ladders are common to use for attics and there are multiple types of ladders to use. Some can be retractable, automatic, built onto a wall, or free standing.  If you’d rather not use a ladder, actual stairs may be another option. Stairs will take up more space than a ladder which is something to keep in mind.

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    Like any other room, attics need light. While you might not be able to put in a regular window, roof windows or skylights are great alternatives. They help bring in a lot of natural light and are fun to also use for stargazing.

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    If you need an extra bedroom, attics are great for a guest room or even a place to rent out. Space permitting, a kitchenette and bathroom can be added into the attic. A bedroom in the attic can be a peaceful and calming getaway. Attic bedrooms also work well for a kid’s bedroom. Beds can be built into the walls freeing up space for a play area.

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    Attics make wonderful office spaces. They create a quiet place to work in which could help keep you from getting distracted from other things in the house. Having your office in an attic can also free up a room that would normally be used as an office allowing you to turn that other room into an extra bedroom, etc. Built in desks and bookshelves give you the storage you need without taking up space.

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  Turn your attic into a home theater or use it as your entertainment area. Using your attic for this purpose, you can have a designated area for game night, movie night, and just a place to talk with friends. Add a home bar and countertop to stash your drinks and snacks!

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     Attics can be remodeled for so many uses. Besides the ideas we listed, they can be used as a yoga room, meditation/pray room, craft room, and so much more. There’s almost nothing they can’t be remodeled into!