A Place for Entertainment & Spirits: Home Bars

     One of the things that comes with owning a home is having guests over for get-togethers. Maybe you have people over weekly, or maybe only once a month. However often you may have guests, you will almost always need a space for mixing or serving drinks. Sure, you could just use the kitchen but why not have a designated beverage area that not only looks nice but frees up some kitchen space?


   Home bars are a great addition to any home. They make it easier to serve or mix your favorite drinks and invite your guests to help themselves to whatever they like. Home bars can be completely customizable so that they work for you and your home’s size.


    If you have a smaller space or don’t want a big home bar, bar carts can make a great bar. They’re small and compact but can still hold a lot of bottles, glasses, and bar tools. Plus, they usually have wheels on the bottom of the cart which allows them to be easily moved to wherever the party is.

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    Cabinet bars are perfect for those who only want their bar out when there is a party. When the party or get-together is over, all the bottles and glasses can go into the cabinet and be hidden. And since the bar is in a cabinet, there will be a lot of storage space. You should put your cabinet bar near the kitchen or living room for easy access. 

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      If you want a permanent home bar, go for a built-in one. With built-in home bars, there are many features you can add on to the bar. A sink, mini fridge/wine cooler, bar top, extra storage. I would say this type of home bar is the most functional allowing you to add whatever you want. Built-in home bars are beautiful and are great for optimizing unused space.                        

Photo by Amy Bartlam &  Pinterest


      You don’t need to use very fancy bar equipment to make your home bar look classy and beautiful. Save yourself from spending a fortune and go with basic equipment. Home bars should also be equipped with sodas, sparkling waters, and other non-alcoholic drinks for guests who don’t drink.


   Home bars are great for the homeowner who loves to entertain. With the flexibility in customization, there is virtually nothing you can’t do. What type of home bar will you create?