Front Porch Lighting

    We all know good lighting can have a big impact on a home’s appearance. Often times though, exterior lighting is overlooked. This is a big home improvement mistake. The exterior of your home needs lighting just as much as the inside does, especially the front porch.


    Front porch lighting is important for a few reasons. It provides yourself and guests visibility to see, it ensures safety by lighting up dark areas, and enhances your homes appearance and aesthetic. All these things can be accomplished pretty easily with the right light fixtures. Fortunately, when it comes to exterior lighting there are many styles of light fixtures to choose from.


     Personally, one of my favorite ways to illuminate a front porch is with stringed lights and lanterns. There is just something great about the soft glow of stringed lights and the farmhouse touch of a lantern that gives a front porch personalized character.

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     Framing your front door and porch area with lights creates a nice ambiance around the space. Wall mounted sconces, barn lights, lanterns, and other fixtures are great for creating this effect. If putting holes into your homes exterior is not something you would like to do, long rope lights are bright enough to illuminate the porch and won’t ruin your homes exterior

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    Overhead hanging pendant lights or globe lights are great as statement fixtures. Since they are placed higher than most lights they offer a nice glow of light above the front door and over the entire porch. Recessed lighting gives a front porch a clean, sophisticated look.

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     Something to consider for your porch is putting lights in the stairs/steps that lead up to the porch. This will help illuminate the space even more and keep your guests from falling.

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   Front porch lighting has a big impact on your homes appearance. Even a simple update can change the whole look of your home. How will you style your front porch lighting?