How To Make A Bathroom Pretty

       We may not think of putting a lot of thought into updating bathrooms because it may not seem like it’s that important of a room. Maybe we throw some nice soaps in there, pretty towels, and keep the room clean for sanitary purposes but that’s it. Updating your bathroom can be a fun home improvement project and can also add value to your home.


     As always, new paint is a great and easy update. Soft, neutral colors give a peaceful, relaxed feel to a room making your bathroom feel like a spa. Bright, bold colors give a fun, energetic feel to the room and creates an invigorating feel in the room.

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   Natural elements add delicate, earthy touches. Use rich woods for the floor or on the cabinets and counter tops. Small house plants or flowers can help create this feel.

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   Putting a patterned or new shower curtain is a quick and easy update. Also, updating the hardware for the curtain can change the appearance as well. Curved shower rods are great for making a shower feel bigger.

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    Bathroom storage has to be one of my favorite bathroom decor ideas. There are so many options and it’s completely customizable. Baskets, bins, wooden crates, vintage dressers, and old wooden ladders are perfect storage for towels, washcloths, bath mats and toilet paper.

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     Continuing with storage, sometimes it’s difficult to find a place for all the smaller things in the bathroom such as, soaps, q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Putting the bags on top of the counter doesn’t look very attractive. Vintage jars, vases, mason jars, and any other unique glass containers are perfect for holding the small things. They look very pretty and cute! A fun DIY to do is putting chalkboard paint on any jar and labeling what’s in the jar.

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    Bathrooms are great home improvement projects. They can be fun and completely customizable, allowing a homeowner to do many DIY updates. And in the end, updating your bathroom can add value to your home. How will you make your bathroom pretty