How Will An Architect Gather Info On My Wants, Needs, Etc. For My Project?

Updating, adding onto, or building from the ground up, are all big home changes.  One question that may come up is how will the architect I’m working with make sure to gather information on what I want for my project?

Gathering Information


     Architects are very concerned with designing your project according to your needs and budget. During the beginning of your project, usually your first consultation, is where your architect will begin gathering information on your goals for your project. There are several ways they will go about this:



-Wish lists

   Your architect may ask to see your wish list for your project. This can include anything from material types, paint/color schemes, lighting, furniture styles, etc. They may also ask to see any Pinterest boards you have created. This will help them get an overall feel for the style and aesthetic you’re going for.




-Ask you questions

    Your architect will ask you questions to get even more details on your needs and wants. They may also show you projects similar to yours that they have built to help you visual the space and further pin point what you want in the floor plan and the rest of the project details. 




-Research your property

    An architect’s job is to help create the space you’ve always dreamed of having. In addition to figuring out your needs, they will also do research on your property. Doing this gives an architect more insight on how to make what you’re looking for work with the site your project is being built or added onto. They will also be able to give more design suggestions on the flow of the space. 




-Talk over budget

    It’s a good idea to have a budget or a rough idea before meeting with an architect. This will give them an idea of how much they have to work with. While architecture projects aren’t always inexpensive, there are cost-effective options out there. Be sure to explore those options with your architect. 

architect and client

Having your wants, needs, etc. laid out for your architect will make it easier for them to create your project according to your goals. Architects are there to help you and work with your budget and aesthetic. Be sure to be open about what you’re wanting with your architect.