Tips To Save Time On Your Home Remodel Or Addition



     Life is busy. We all have places to be and things to do. When it comes to remodeling or adding onto your home, you can’t rush the process. To be sure your home remodel or addition is being built with quality you need to slow down and let the project run its course. However, there are some tips to help your project move a little quicker.



Know What You Want

   Knowing exactly what you want is a great way to quickly get your project started. Communicate in detail all that you would like to an architect. This will help them better understand what you’re looking for. Not only will this save you from going back and forth with an architect, it will also save you money. To help you better communicate what you want, write down your style and have pictures to show the architect.





Plan For Unexpected Delays

     You might be wondering how this can save you time. Just like putting together an airtight budget, plan on spending a little more time then the builders propose. This will help you stay calm throughout your project. It will also keep you from schedule conflicts, like throwing a family get together in the midst of construction.  





Be Available When Needed

   Make sure you allow yourself time to take phone calls from your architect or contractor, schedule site inspections, and any other meetings for your architectural project. Read more about What Am I Responsible For During An Architectural Project…




   Architectural projects that are quality builds take time, some longer than others. But by following these tips you can help keep your project on track and therefore help the process go quicker.