What Is The Role Of An Architect When Applying For Planning Permission?



   When most of us think of architects we think of someone who draws plans and designs buildings. While architects do draw plans and design buildings, they are also responsible to follow proper building codes for safety.




What Is Planning Permission?

    First of all, what is planning permission? Planning permission is when you go to the city and ask for permission to do construction on your home, whether that be adding on or extending your home and so forth. There is an application the needs to be filed out and sent to the city with drawings to be reviewed.

Architectural Desk




What Is The Role Of The Architect During This Process?

     There are a few different things an architect can help you with when it comes to the planning permission.



-Will prepare documents

    Your architect can prepare all necessary documents for the planning permission. They can ensure everything that is needed, is in order and ready to go when it’s time for submittal. They will also look at local authority guidelines and statutory requirements to help with the process of getting your project approved.

Planning Permission Application and Documents





-Can apply for you

   An architect can actually apply for the planning permission for you or you can apply yourself. Your architect will submit a package of drawings and additional documentation as required. They will handle the whole process for you if you’d like them to.

Architect Applying for Planning Permission




-Selecting Builders & Contractors

       Once your project has been approved you need builders and contractors. The architect can take care of this task by recommending builders and contractors that are required for your architectural project.

Builder or Contractor Working




 -Denied Approval

     Approval was denied? No worries! Your architect can help. Your architectural design plans will need to be revised and some adjustments will need to be made to the plans in order for them to be approved. Again, your architect or contractor can take care of this task.

Architect Changing Plans



   Your architect can do much more than just design the plans for your project. They are there to ensure that your project is built safely and according to city requirements.  They are more than happy to take on these tasks for you. Don’t be afraid to ask!