The Difference Between An Architect, Contractor, & Designer


   When beginning an architectural project, you might be told that you need an architect, contractor, and designer. Don’t they all do the same thing? The answer, in short, is no. Pretty confusing huh? Each profession plays an important role in your architectural project, but each have different skill sets to help complete your project. So, what does each professional do?





     An architect is a licensed professional who designs buildings, homes, skyscrapers, etc. They come up with the design that fits your needs and wants according to building safety requirements. These plans or blueprint drawings will make sure the building adheres to both your living needs and local city building codes.

Architects working on a project





A contractor is onsite while the building is in progress. They work with an architect and closely follow the architects plans to assure that the project is being built according to the drawings. They are responsible for their building crew and ensure that all materials and layouts are built as planned and approved by the city. The contractor and their team take care of the construction of the project.

Contractors Tools


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     A designer is concerned with the interior décor for your project. They will assist you in selecting color palettes, furniture, flooring, lighting, and general décor. They help make the space come to life by working with your natural preferences and their unique ideas.

Designers color palettes, flooring, color swatches





   By better understanding the roles of each professional, you will be able to choose professionals that can work with your vision. It helps make things less confusing and the process more enjoyable.