Building A Custom Home In Redondo Beach


    Custom homes are always fun architectural projects to work on. You really get to take the imagination of the client and bring it to life. In this post, we wanted to showcase a custom home we designed in the cute town of Redondo beach and talk a little bit about the process that goes into designing and building a custom home.




    In the first meeting with our client we spent time getting to know them, seeing if we were a good fit for each other, learning about their wants/needs. We asked them questions about their style, budget, and looked at examples and pictures of what they wanted. When we met again for the design meeting, we got a solid understanding of their vision for the home. The room schedule, shape, and style of the home was really the topic of this meeting. We took that info and created two concepts for them to look at.





   The client wanted their custom home to have an open floorplan with a modern style. Before coming up with drawings for their new proposed home, we went through  style, size, conceptual design, and the development process to get all the details right.

This is what that process looks like broken down in concept:

•Programming and high concepts (style, total size allowable, total size possible in budget, and so on)

Massing study and block diagrams

•Design sketches and conceptual floor plans

•Continued development with the client on the concepts until design is approved

•Design complete

•Start the hard work of drafting CDs and producing engineering





     Once we had all the details figured out and a general style idea, it was time to collect site information. Every site has specific requirements. To collect information about the clients property in Redondo Beach, we started with an APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number) map from the county tax assessor's website. We then would go in or call the city and ask for the required front, back, and side setbacks of their property and if there were any utility easements on the site. This helped us get an even better idea on how to build the custom home to fit the sites size.





    After the project had been sent to the city and approved for construction, selecting a contractor was the next thing to do. Dealing bids with contractors means the architect shows contractors parts of the plans or proposed ideas and asks them what it would cost to do the construction for the project.  For this client, we researched and selected the contractors for them.


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    Communication is key when it comes to building custom homes. With our client, we talk to them at least every week and when we are working on something specifically it could be multiple times a day. They are an exceptionally good client and they really enjoy the design process. They aren't trying to rush and they are incredibly thorough and well informed. Whenever the clients have been stuck on making a tough decision, we help them by offering our best idea. If they like it, we move forward from there. If they don’t we work with them to come up with something better. We also help them with making informed decisions on things like zoning and safety, or design issues.




  This client's home has been a lot of fun to design. The 4,500 sf. home has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a basement and an attached AUD unit with 1 bedroom, an office, living area, and kitchen.





     Designing a custom home is a great way to include all the details of your wish list. It allows you to have the creativity to make the space truly yours!