What Is A Change Order?


     Changes happen all the time in architectural projects. And for countless reasons too. So what do you do when you want or need to make a change in the design of your project?



What Is A Change Order?

      A change order is a form that an architect or contractor fills out and sends to the city when making particular changes in the design of all or part of an architectural project. This form allows the contractor or architect to legally and safely make the changes that are needed. Below is a change order for the State of California.

Change Order Form




Reasons You Might Need A Change Order

        There are many reasons why you might need a change order. Change orders are relatively common with architectural projects, especially with the bigger projects.


Reasons you might need a change order:

-Unanticipated homeowner needs

-Unanticipated lack of homeowner funds

-Unforeseen site condition problems such as, soil quality, weather, etc.

-Unforeseen material shortages

-Mistakes by persons working on the project

-Architect may find reasons to change design to save client money

Unexpected delays




How Do You Get A Change Order?

      The architect and contractor each have different skill sets but either can obtain the change order form and fill it out for you. Whoever fills out the form will put on it the reasons for the change, how the change will be made, and the new price of the project whether that be more or less money than when started. Once the form is complete it will be submitted to the city for reviewing and approval. Once the city has reviewed the form and the needed changes, they will either approve or deny the changes according to current building codes.

Architect or Contractor Signing Change Order Form




    Having the knowledge of what to do and what is going on is very helpful when it comes to problems in your architectural project. Not only will it help keep you from getting stressed but it’ll also help your project move along quicker.