Why are Building Permits Important?



      If you’re starting a home addition, remodel, or any other home improvement you’re most likely going to need a building permit. Building permits are very important to have when working on your home and they are easier to get than you think. What are building permits? And why do you need them?



What Is A Building Permit?

   A building permit allows you to legally begin construction on your home project. Having a permit proves that your project drawings have been cleared and met all necessary specifications. It also gives you satisfaction that your new home improvement is safe and compliant.

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What Type Of Project Requires A Building Permit?

-Additions—such as, family rooms, attached guest houses, etc.

-New buildings

-Renovations—such as, garage conversions, kitchen expansion, etc.



-Load Bearing Wall Removal

-Major Design Changes


  If you’re unsure if your project requires a building permit any architect would be happy to answer this question for you. They will be able to help you and will be available throughout the process for any questions you may have.

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Why Is A Building Permit Important?

    As stated before, a building permit legally allows you to start your architectural project. Building without a permit can lead to a lot of problems in the long run. If the city finds out you’ve built, added on, remodeled, or have done major renovation changes to your home, they may have you tear down the newly renovated space, or not allow you to use that space. To be able to use the space or not have to tear it down, you may have to make costly repairs to ensure you’re up to code.

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   Knowing that you’re architectural project, addition, or home remodel is up to date with your city’s codes is a great feeling. There’s nothing better than knowing your project is safe, compliant and ready for you to use.