What Do I Get When I Ask For Drawings?



    In order to get a project built, you need drawings. Drawings are usually obtained from an architect, who will incorporate your style, size, and needs into the plans. Different phases of the project require a different set of drawings. So, what do you get when you ask for drawings?





Complete drawings will consist of multiple sets. Each phase of a project will require a set of drawings pertaining to the cities specific code requirements and the contractors needs for building.

This is what’s included in each set of drawings at each phase:


-Design Phase

    Design drawings typically include a set of aesthetic drawings to represent the owners wishes of a remodel, addition or new structure. This set will often include interior/exterior elevations, interior/exterior 3D renderings, floor plans, site plans and design layout. These drawings demonstrate the flow through the structure and allow for decisions of color and texture. They must be submitted for approval by the planning department.

3D renderings





-Construction Documents

      Once the design is approved, a set of CDs (Construction Documents) or working drawings are put together. Essentially, this is the instruction manual for building your project. This set is an expansion on the already approved design. Included in these drawings are the dimensions, title 24 calculations, structural sections, and details.

Architecture drawings





-Structural Calculations

     A set of Structural Calculations is a separately prepared document to inform the Construction Document set often prepared by a structural engineer.

Structural Calculations





-Civil Engineering

     A Civil Engineering set in some cases will also be required and is handled by a civil engineer when the project is extensive.

Civil engineering





-MEP Drawings

     A set of MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) is put together for large scale projects.






    You will need all of these drawings for your architectural project, remodel, or addition. A quality, licensed architect and his team is the appropriate person to prepare these documents. These drawings or plans, ensure that your project is being built safely and according to every detail.