What Are Architectural Bubble Diagrams?




    A lot of thought and careful attention to detail goes into planning an architectural project. All the spaces, views, and property shape and size are considered. Before drawing up the plans and laying out the floorplan, an architect needs to figure out where each space will go.





What Are Architectural Bubble Diagrams?

     Architectural bubble diagrams are sketches that help architects identify the areas of the home that will be included in the drawings. These diagrams are used at the preliminary phase of the design process and are used for space planning and organization.







How Do They Work?

    Bubble diagrams are circles or ovals drawn on a sheet of paper. These diagrams help the architect identify the location of the rooms to be included in the floorplan for a home or commercial building. They start with the first floor and work their way up from there. Each bubble in the diagram has the name of a room on it. The purpose for these diagrams are to understand how rooms connect and how spaces flow from one to the next.  By using the bubble diagram, the architect will be able to figure out the best layout option for the property, the home addition, remodel, etc., and its surrounding area.

Architectural bubble diagram

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What Is The Importance Of Bubble Diagrams?

      You might be thinking, why doesn’t the architect just draw up the floorplan instead of going through the trouble of coming up with bubble diagrams? Bubble diagrams are an important part of the design phase. Drawing the floorplan without figuring out the orientation of the home may cause problems in the flow of the spaces and the placement of floor levels. Bubble diagrams are important because every detail is being looked at and analyzed to find the best option.

Architect drawing





    They help the architect find the best layout for any architectural project. The careful attention to detail will ensure that your project is being built safely, and according to your city’s building codes.