A Custom Glendora Hills Home



   Custom homes are great for those who want everything, or most of, their wish list in a home. The client really gets to let their imagination and visions for the home take over. Designing and building a custom home is a unique and fun process. In this blog post we’re going to showcase a beautiful custom home we designed for a client in Glendora Hills and talk about the process of designing the home with them.





   When we first met with our client, we discussed their visions for the custom home. The purpose of the first meeting and the design meeting was to understand their goal for the home. We asked them questions about their wants and ideas. We also asked them questions about how many people are going to be living in the home (i.e. how many kids they have), did they want special features in the kitchen, and what was on their dream home wish list. Asking our client all these questions helped us get a better understanding of not only what they’re looking for but the scope of the project.

3D Custom Home Rendering Glendora Hills





    After we obtained as much information as needed, we started developing a bubble diagram to roughly scale the home. We came up with a list of rooms and worked out the flow between these rooms and spaces. Our clients custom home was built on top of a hill. With the location and placement of the home in mind we took advantage of the views and oriented the spaces to maximize on the hidden treasures of the property. We then came up with an architectural block diagram of the proposed custom home and presented it to the client.

Custom Home Design





    No matter where you build, every site location has specific requirements. Our client’s property is on a hill in Glendora. There were certain grading regulations we needed to follow to ensure our clients home was safe for them to live in. We obtained the clients property grading restrictions from the planning department and their property boundaries we obtained from the county recorders office.

Architectural Drawings for a Custom Home


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     On this project, we kept in contact through regular site visits and phone updates, to discuss the progress of the project and to ensure their satisfaction.

3D renderings custom home





    Sometimes the design in an architectural project needs to be changed a little in order to better accommodate the space, and sometimes for regulation reasons. Whenever the client has a tough time making design decisions we like to help in any way possible and offer our best ideas. For example, our clients home was a little bit of a complicated project due to the orientation of the property. They came to us asking for a featured pool and a six car garage. Since the home is on a hillside, we had to alter the design to accommodate what they wanted. We designed a garage with three tandem parking spots on top that also accommodated three cars below and the pool was left where it was. We like to try to explore all the options whenever we can to accommodate as many design elements from the homeowners wish list. We want to make sure they know there are other options out there and various ways to solve problems.

Custom Glendora Hills Home





    Generally, once the plans have been approved and the construction documents are complete, the architect will bid the job with contractors. The bidding can also happen during the plan check. The architect or the client can research and find contractors. In the case with our client, the contractor came to us with the job. This is called a design-build. The contractor initiated the contact and we worked with him on the project.

Custom Glendora Hills Home






    Designing a custom home is a fun and exciting process! We love working with clients to make their dream home come to life.