What Are General Contractors & Subcontractors?




   General contractors and subcontractors both work on architectural projects. They each have different skill sets that are helpful to each project. But, do you really need both? And what are the jobs of each professional?




What Are General Contractors & Subcontractors?

    General contractors are onsite during the construction of the project. They are in charge of the construction phase and closely follow the architects plans. A general contractor can be an individual or a company and they usually have a building crew that they manage.

General contractor





   Subcontractors are contractors that specialize in certain things such as, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. They generally get their work from a general contractor. Subcontractors do work that general contractors can’t. They can be a big group of people or an individual hired for the project.





General Contractor & Subcontractors Jobs

A general contractors jobs are:

        -Provide materials

        -Supply labor

        -Hire subcontractors

        -Oversee quality and timeline of project

        -Monitor schedules, payments & cash flow

        -Keep records

        -Ensure safety measures are being used


 A Subcontractors jobs are:

     -Electrical work

     -Installing appliances









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The Importance Of Using Both Professionals

     It is important to utilize both professionals instead of one. As said before, general contractors can’t do some of the things subcontractors can and vice versa. By using both, you are ensuring that your project is being built with the best quality. This will also help you avoid problems with your project in the long run.

General Contractor and subcontractor





     Having a general contractor and subcontractors work on your project will give you peace of mind that your project is being completed the way its designed. Both of these professionals will work together to ensure that your remodel, home addition, custom home, etc. is built according to building and safety codes.