How To Select An Architect




   Finding a good architect for your home project can be difficult. There are so many architects and firms to choose from. There are also quite a few internet sites, such as Google and Houzz, that can help you in your search. You might be thinking, where do I start?






      The first thing you should do when selecting an architect is to find out if they are qualified for the job. An example of a qualified architect would be someone who is licensed. Why should you use a licensed architect? Because you can rest assured that your project is being built with quality. Architects who are licensed must go through various requirements to receive their licensure. Some of these requirements are, getting a bachelor or master’s degree in architecture, completing a three-year internship under the supervision of a licensed architect, and passing a multi-part, ARE exam. After the individual has completed all of these requirements they will be given their license. Licensed architects are also required to renew their license every two years by completing twenty-four hours of education. This ensures that the architect understands the latest codes and requirements in their city or location of work.






Where Can Architects Work?

     Architects can work in the state in which the license they hold has been issued. In order to work in another state, they must obtain an architecture license from that state. However, an architect can be hired to do a preliminary design which you can later take to a local in state architect who can produce the working drawings. He may also consult with other architects from out of their state if the out of state architect is assuming responsibility for the project.

Architect office






  Referrals from friends or family members is always a great place to start when searching for anything. You’re getting info from a trusted source and from someone who has worked with the architect. Ask your family and friends if they have an architect they like or if any of their trusted friends know one.

Friends talking





General Contractors

   General contractors can be good sources for finding architects. Because they most likely work with architects, and sometimes several of them, they have a lot of connections and should be able to refer you to a few.

General contractor







   Reviews are a great way to choose a quality architect. Reading what people like or didn't like can help you assess both a quality and personality of a particular firm and choose who fits your needs.

Researching architects






  With every big decision, do your research and take your time. Many architects offer free in office or onsite consultations as an introduction to their firm and its practices. This is an opportunity for you to get questions answered and asses if the architect and his firm is a good fit for you and your project.