Importance Of Building Codes




   Building codes apply to every architecture project. These codes are used for our safety and health. Building codes play a big role in the design and construction of the building. What are they? And why are they important?





What are building codes?

     Building codes are regulations governing the design, construction, alterations, and maintenance of structures. These codes specify the minimum requirements to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the buildings occupants. They are enforced to make buildings safer to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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Types of Building Codes

  There are three different types of building codes. Each type covers a specific group of architecture projects.


-International Building Code (IBC) – applies to almost every type of new construction buildings.


-International Residential Code (IRC) – applies to one and two -family dwellings/townhouses that are not higher than three stories.


-International Existing Building Code (IEBC) – applies to alteration, repair, addition, and change in occupancy of existing structures. 

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How are these codes enforced?

    Local government building officials are the ones who enforce building codes. They review design plans, inspect construction work, and issue permits. Building officials come out to the site for inspections at different phases in the architecture project to ensure the building is being built according to the code.


Here is a list of the different phases when a building official will come out for inspection:


-Rough Framing

-Complete rough plumbing, electrical & HVAC



-Final inspection & certificate of occupancy

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Why are Building Codes important?

      Building codes are very important because they ensure that architects and contractors are making their structures as safe as possible. Safety and the wellbeing of tenants and residents is the ultimate goal for these regulations. This is why they are so important to implement in our structures.

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   Building codes play a big part in an architecture project. They provide safety and the reassurance that your project is safe and up to date on all the latest codes.