How To Obtain A Soils Report




  There’s a lot more to architectural projects than just drawings. A soils report is one of those extra steps. These reports help the architect and homeowner have a better understanding of the site conditions for the project. How do you obtain a soils report?




What Are Soils Reports?

       To get a better understanding of how to obtain a soils report, we need to know what it is. A soils report is a survey that tests the conditions of the earth. A licensed geotechnical engineer is the one who conducts the report. Soils reports provide information on the sites conditions, soil composition, and ground water levels. The engineer will drill a hole into the ground to test the soil to see how strong or weak it is. If they feel that they need more information, they will take some of the soil to a lab to be tested.  The report helps the architect or contractor know what type of foundation they should build based on the site conditions.

Geotechnical soils report





How Do You Obtain A Soils Report?

   If the building department requires you to obtain this information, you need to get it before construction can begin. These reports are based on California building codes and are prepared by a licensed geotechnical engineer. How it works is the client is responsible for providing the report. However, the architect can assist the client in selecting a geotechnical engineer to perform the work. The contract for the report will be separate from the architects. It is between the owner and the engineer.

 The steps are as follows:

-Solicit proposals from a number of Geotechnical Engineers

-Select the best proposal based on time, fee amount, and how well you like the engineer

-The engineer goes to the site and performs several tests and takes samples of the soil

-The engineer will test the soil in a lab if needed for the report type

-Then a final document is compiled with all of the results.

-The architect or contractor then uses the report to inform their choices when designing the building foundation







   Soils reports are very important for the foundation of your project and your safety. Don’t be afraid to ask an architect questions if you don’t understand, they’re always there to help you!