Construction Documents



   Construction documents or CD’s are an important part of any architectural project. They dictate what will happen in the construction of the project. These documents are helpful and necessary not just for the architect but the contractor as well.





What Are Construction Documents?

    Construction documents are drawings and specifications provided by an architect or engineer that define the construction requirements for the project.  They also describe the quantities and quality of all the materials that would be used for construction and the roles of the construction team members. Construction documents are used to bid the project to contractors.

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What Is Included In Construction Documents?

          Included in a set of complete construction documents are:         

             -Set of complete construction documents


             - “Spec” or Specifications book (this book covers products, materials & methods used in constructing the project)


     Drawings are the largest component of construction documents. The drawings are labeled for the architect, contractor, and city to know what they are looking at. They begin as follows, “A” architectural, “S” structural, “I” interiors, “P” plumbing, “E” electrical, “M” mechanical, and so forth.

Construction Documents





What Are Construction Documents Used For?

        Construction documents are like an instruction manual for the contractor. They assist the general contractor in controlling the job and help the sub-contractors know every detail of their jobs. These documents are also used to build the project according to the city and government’s regulations, and the style and needs of the client. Construction documents are used to bid the job with contractors after the documents have been reviewed and approved. They also become part of the legal construction contract. So, it is very important to produce complete/accurate documents.

Architecture Construction Documents




    Construction documents ensure that your project is built according to every detail and your local city’s building codes. They help your project run smoothly and quickly!