What Is A Red Tag?




   Anyone who has had their home red tagged knows that it is a serious issue. For those who haven’t, or don’t know what a red tag is, need to be informed to avoid having their home tagged.




What Is A Red Tag?

     A red tag is when the city deems your home or part of your home unlivable in its current state. This could be because of structural issues, building without a permit, or not being compliant with building codes. For structural damage, the home can be structurally repaired in many cases, in other cases the only option maybe tearing it down and rebuilding for safety reasons.

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How Do You Get Rid Of A Red Tag?

      To remove the red tag from your home, you need to fix the problem within the timeframe given to you by the city. If you do not begin the repairs by or prior to the deadline a penalty will be enforced due to lack of compliance to building code requirements. There are three steps you need to take to get started.



Check The Citation

      Check the red tag (citation) for the stated issue with your home. A red tag is kind of like a ticket for your car. Like any ticket, it will relate the issue. Make sure you fully understand the problem so you know how to go about resolving it.

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Fix The Problem

     After looking at the issue stated on the red tag, it will tell you what you need to do next. Take care of the problem immediately. Waiting to resolve the issue will only make the problem worse and might result in the city taking actions against your home ownership.

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Get In Contact With  An Architect

     In most cases when dealing with red tags, you will need an architect to help you handle the documents. The city needs to see how the issues are being corrected. Working with an architect will ensure that your home is being repaired with high quality, efficiency, and according to the building and safety codes.

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    Red tags are a serious issue to deal with. Failure to take care of the problem can have serious consequences. By following these steps, there will be no need to worry about losing your home.