How To Get Started Adding Onto Your Home




    Adding onto your home can be a fun and exciting time. There are so many ways to personalize it to fit your needs. With big projects like this, we all want things to run smoothly. Here are some tips to help that process.





Figure Out What You Want

      Get a clear idea of how you want to add onto your home. How big do you want the addition to be? Is it more economical to build horizontally or vertically? Take time walking through your home, while you look at looking at magazines, the internet, and Pinterest to help you solidify your ideas. By getting a clear idea of what you want, you’ll be able to better communicate your ideas and wants to the architect.

Taking notes







   Additions can be expensive. Seriously consider the cost of what it will take to add onto your home. Do research on the average cost per square foot and consider talking to an architect. Architectural firms often offer free consultations to help you firm up these costs. Talk to your bank about home financing programs to help with home additions, to see what they can recommend.

Home addition costs





Zoning Codes

      To find the zoning laws and setbacks for your property, call a code official get more information. It is possible to find the codes online; however, it is more difficult. We advise calling the city to get accurate answers pertaining to your projects location and specifications.

Contacting code official





Talk With An Architect

      Once you’ve chosen your preferred style and needs, you've considered costs, and feel ready to start working on your addition, schedule an initial consultation with an architectural firm. They will come up with the design and walk you through the process to get everything ready to start building.






  The more you inform yourself, the easier the process will be. Don’t feel rushed to get started. This is a big decision and needs time to research. When you do feel ready, give us a call! We’d love to help you create the home you’ve always imagined.