How Architects Select, Negotiate With, & Manage General Contractors






    Contractors play a big role in architectural projects. They work closely with the architect to carefully follow all the details of the architects plans. How does an architect go about selecting, negotiating, and managing contractors?





    Architects can select contractors for you if you’d like them to. The architect usually has a few general contractors that he or she works with that they can choose from. If not, they will be more than happy to research contractors for you. The architect may look at the contractor’s samples of work and experience to aid them in choosing the right general contractor for your project.

Researching contractors







    Architects will negotiate with contractors to get the best “deal” or bid for your project. This is done by the architect contacting contractors and giving them samples of the project and going over the budget with them and the cost for the labor and materials needed. If the architect likes the bid, he or she will take it. If not, they will work out something between the two of them.







    For any architectural project, the architect is the one in charge. Even though the general contractor runs the construction of the project, they follow the architect’s orders. Architects manage general contractors by staying in contact with them throughout the construction of the project and checking on the site every now and then to ensure everything is being built according to the plans and building codes.

Architect and contractor





    Architects and contractors are both needed for a project. Using their skill sets together help the project run smoothly. Your architect will work with the contractor to ensure the project is being built to fit your style and needs.