What Do Code Officials Do?




    Code officials play a big role in architectural projects and are there throughout most of the project. The architect will be working with them from time to time to complete the projects tasks. What do code officials do?





What Are Code Officials?

    To help you get a better understanding of what they do, you need to know what code officials are. Code officials are usually the jurisdiction administrator for building and construction codes, engineering calculation supervision, permits, facility management, and construction procedures. They are the individual behind building codes and safety for your project.

Code official





Code Official Responsibilities

     Code officials do more than just enforce building codes. Their jobs require them to cover a group of different tasks.

Their jobs are as follows:

-Monitor construction at various stages

-Plan checking

-Process & review building permit applications

-Review & approve building & construction plans

-Ensure structures are code compliant & meet zoning needs

-Implement building safety matters

Code official responsibilites





    Code officials are there to help you and make sure your home or building is being built safely.  They stay on top of your projects construction and plans to ensure the best design measures are being used.