What Are Contractors Responsibilities During Construction?




    Contractors are responsible for more than just building a home or structure. There are many jobs or tasks within their job that they are in charge of. General contractors have different responsibilities than subcontractors. But each of their skill sets are needed to complete architectural projects. What are the responsibilities of contractors?





Contractors Responsibilities

     A general contractor is in charge of handling the construction for a project. They plan, manage, and monitor all the work that goes on. General contractors come up with a timeline and budget for the project and try to follow it as closely as they can. They obtain all materials needed, review the progress of the project, and implement changes as needed. Besides just building aspects, they are responsible for hiring subcontractors and managing their payroll. General contractors are the ones who deal with any emergencies or unexpected surprises in the project. And one of the most important things they do, is make sure the project is being built according to the architectural plans which ensure proper building codes, and that all the correct permits and documentation has been obtained.

General contractor





   A subcontractor doesn’t have as many responsibilities as a general contractor does. The reason being, subcontractors specialize in a certain area of construction. They may be an individual or a company that does the work. Subcontractors handle the plumbing, electrical, drywalling, and insulation. They are also in charge of painting, tiling, installing appliances, etc. They work with the general contractor and are hired to perform a job in the area they are experts in. 






   Contractors have many responsibilities during the construction of a project. Both general contractors and subcontractors are generally needed for most architectural projects. Understanding the contractors responsibilities can help you better communicate between professionals throughout the duration of your project.