Do I Need An Architect For My Project?






    Architects are needed for lots of different jobs, but they aren’t needed for every job. Some projects can do without an architect and others cannot for safety reasons. When do you need an architect?





When An Architect Is Needed

      An architect is needed for any major design or structural change. For example, a home addition, custom home, a remodel or even just the removal of a load bearing wall.

Other changes an architect is needed for:


-Bidding job to contractors

-Moving gas and plumbing lines

-Big layout change

-Moving walls

-Adding a level

-Particular neighborhood rules you need to adhere to


   Utilizing an architect for these projects would be the best thing to do. With any big change or structural movement, you want someone who is experienced and can ensure your project is being built safely.

Home under construction





When An Architect Is Not Needed

         An architect is not always needed for projects such as a renovation or adding design elements to your project.


Other things an architect is not needed for:

-Removing/replacing finishes but keeping layout the same

-Help with interior decorating

-Small layout changes



    A general contractor or designer can help you with these types of changes. Renovating or nonstructural repairs generally don’t require an architect or permits.







Still Not Sure?

      If you’re still not sure whether your project needs an architect or not, don’t hesitate to get in contact with an architecture firm. Architects are highly trained and can provide you with all the information you need. It is important to figure out who you need before you begin your project to save you time and money. This can easily be established through an in office consultation.







     Every home project is different and has different requirements. Finding out which professional to hire is very important. Take time to research and talk with an architect before beginning your project.