What Is A Scope Change?





    Throughout your architectural project you may hear your architect talk about the scope of work. What is this? The scope of work is what is discussed and agreed upon during the initial stages of the design phase. But what happens when you want to make a change after you have told the architect to move forward with the preliminary design? This is called a scope change.





What Is A Scope Change?

       When the homeowner makes a design change after the final agreement is made, such as a reduction or addition to the original plans, it falls into what is called, a scope change. This is an added charge to the homeowner because the original contract now becomes in part null do to the changes he/she has made mid design. This requires the architect and production staff to make adjustments to what has already been drawn or to draw up a completely new set of plans.

Architect and client






Types Of Scope Change

         There are a few different types of scope changes that your project may need depending on what changes your making.


The other scope changes are as listed:

-Engineering change

-Quantity change

-Support change

-Schedule change







    If you want to make any changes to your architecture project be sure to communicate those ideas and wants to your architect as soon as possible.