What Are Architectural Drawings?




  All architectural projects need drawings no matter how big or small the project is. Architectural drawings are usually retrieved from an architect and are used during the entirety of the job. But what are architectural drawings? And what do they consist of?




What Are Architectural Drawings?

       Drawings for an architectural project are like a manual or instruction book that provide the contractors and builders the information needed to construct the new structure properly. They give the architect and homeowner an illustration of what the structure will look like when it’s completed. Drawings help create a timeline and budget for the project. They help the architect develop a design and come up with a proposal for the client.

Architect drawing





What Do They Consist Of?

       Architectural drawings include more than just illustrations of the look of the structure, they also include all the details needed for construction.

Included in a complete set is:


-Scaled & dimensioned drawings with room names on them and location of doors and windows

-Door & window sizes

-Complete details for foundation, floors, walls, & roofs

-Construction documents

-Structural calculations

-Civil engineering set

-MEP (mechanical, electrical, & plumbing)

- Interior/exterior elevations

-Interior/exterior 3D renderings

-Site plans

-Design layout



   The drawings have vital information to help the contractor build according to the homeowners specifications laid in the design phase. The drawings also assist contractors in following building codes approved and required by the city.

Architectural drawings





   It is good to be informed when considering a remodel, custom home, or addition, etc. Knowing what drawings are and what they consist of can help you understand the process and keep you informed throughout the project.