What Are As-Built Drawings?





   There is more than one type of architectural drawing. The reason being, all projects are different and need specific drawings. One type of drawing is called as-builts. What are as-built drawings? And what do they consist of?




What Are As-Built Drawings?

     As-built drawings defined, are a revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job. These drawings reflect changes made in the specifications and the current state of the structure. They document accurate measurements, building alterations, additions, or system installations. And may be required at some point for your architectural project.

Architecture drawings





What Do As-Built Drawings Include?

      Like other types of drawings, as-builts include a set of original drawings.


Included in the revised drawings (As-Builts) are:


-Field Changes

-Shop Drawing Changes

-Design Changes

-Extra Work






Who Designs As-Builts?

     An architect originally designed the project and in order to make changes according to building codes an architect will need to be hired to make these changes. The same architect who drew your original drawings is not required to make the as-built changes. Though, a licensed architect is required. The purpose of the drawings is to replicate how the contractors built the project and show the changes that were made throughout the entirety of the project. The architect or designer creates the drawings to show the dimensions, geometry, and location of the project. They’ll also design them in 2D floorplans to display details such as, walls, doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures.

Architect looking at drawings






    Understanding what as-built drawings are and their purpose will help you get a better picture of what type of drawings you may need for your architectural project.