Licensed vs. Unlicensed: How To Know Your Project Is Being Built With Quality






   When it comes to any home project, you want to be sure that your project is being built and designed with quality as the main focus. Unfortunately, some projects aren’t built with the highest quality and can cause problems for you later on. How do you know you’re getting the best quality for your project?





Licensed Architect

      Licensed architects are people who have gone through and completed a lengthy process to obtain and maintain their license as required by each state.


The requirements for an architect license are as follows:

-Architectural Degree

    For a person to become a licensed architect, they need extensive education in their field. Architects commonly go to school for a degree in architecture from an accredited school. They can either obtain a bachelor, masters, or doctorate of architecture.  


-Infield Study

The education and experience may also be obtained by working closely with an architect in his firm for the purpose of training. This process offers a very practical and applied educational process for an aspiring architect to gain his license. This is infield training and usually takes the same number of years as an architectural degree. However the architect will have the advantage of finishing his education with applied knowledge of project submittals and client management.




    After the internship, testing is required. The Architect Registration Exam (ARE) is a multi division exam. Every division of the test needs to be passed in order for the individual to obtain their architect license. These exams are extensive and test the student on every legal and design aspect of architecture.




     Once all of the above requirements have been completed, the license can then finally be obtained. After receiving their license, all individuals can officially call themselves architects. 




    As you can see, licensed architects generally have a lot of experience in the field of architecture. They are also required to renew their license every year by completing a continuing education course.

Licensed Architect







Unlicensed “Architect”

    Unlicensed “architects” are people who practice architecture but do not have a license or necessarily all the needed requirements to be an architect. People who are unlicensed don’t have legal permission to practice architecture. It's important to confirm that the architect you choose has a current license.

Unlicensed "architect"






Quality Of Projects

      Working with a licensed architect is the legal way to perform changes on an existing home or to build a new structure. They are responsible for insuring the home is built safely and to your liking. We recommend you always check with both your city and an architecture firm before moving forward with changes to your home. This will help you ensure the structure your reside in is both safe and cost effective. 

Licensed architect





     Besides style, needs, and aesthetic, quality is one of the most important aspects of an architectural project. You want to be sure that your project is being built with the highest quality to ensure that it is safe, compliant, and beautiful. A licensed architect will provide all of that and more for your project.