What Is Property Grading?





    There are many steps that need to be taken in an architecture project. Some of these steps you may have never heard of such as, property grading. This is a very important and needed step to begin and complete a project.




What Is Property Grading?

   Property grading is a key element in design. It ensures that your property has a level base or a slope in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way. Grading takes into account water coming onto your property and works to make sure that there are no places where the water will pool. Proper grading prevents flooding in or around your home.

Water damage





Who Prepares Property Grading Plans?

      The usual team of consultants for grading plans includes, an architect, civil engineer, land surveyor, landscape architect, geotechnical engineer, structural and electrical engineer. The land surveyor will usually prepare the site survey and create documents on existing conditions. These conditions may include property lines and servitudes/easements, large trees and significant vegetation, topography, structures, and any other physical on-site features requested by the client. A landscape architect or civil engineer can prepare the site grading plans. Your architect will have already prepared the preliminary site design and will begin to develop the preliminary grading plan after receiving info from the civil engineer or landscape architect. Property grading plans outline the foundation of landscape grading showing earth forms, slopes, critical elevation of hardscape areas, and structures.

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Property grading is very important. It ensures that your property will be able to support the foundation of your home, addition, or remodel long term.