The Importance Of Good Structural Framing





   Similar to human anatomy, a house needs a strong, “skeleton” for support. This “skeleton” is usually referred to as structural framing. Structural framing is one of the most important aspects of a building.





What Is Structural Framing?

      The purpose is to ensure that your home is strong enough to hold all the weight being put on the walls, roof, etc. Framing plans begin at the time of design and engineering during the development stage.

Structural framing





Why Is Good Framing Important?

      In short, proper framing is needed to ensure your home will not collapse. The engineering drawings for framing are like a step by step guide to building the structure. These plans show where the load bearing beams are, structural posts, and “headers” of doors and window openings. Structural framing is concerned with every detail big or small. Once the framing for a project has been built, an inspector will check the quality of the framing, plumbing and electrical. The inspector will also check the work done by any subcontractor who routes pipes, wires, and duct work throughout the frame.

Structural framing





    Framing is very important for a homes stability. It ensures that your home is safe to live in and built to stand against natural disasters. Good structural framing should not be overlooked. Talk with your architect to make sure that your home’s structure is being built properly.