What Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit?




    Maybe you’ve heard the term “accessory dwelling units” before. Or maybe it’s an entirely new phrase to you. These units are a great housing or home addition option to consider. What are these units?





What Is An ADU?

    Accessory dwelling units or ADU’s are what most people refer to as guest houses. They are small homes that are located on the same lot of a single-family house. They may also be designed as part of the interior such as a basement or attic. There are several names to describe these spaces such as, granny units, in-law apartments, mother-in-law suite, etc.

Guest house





Lessened Restrictions

     Due to various restrictions put on building guest houses, Senate Bill 1069 was passed to make it easier and less expensive to make these additions. According to mercurynews.com, “water and sewer agencies would be prevented from charging hookup fees for ADUs [Accessory dwelling units} built within an existing house or an existing detached unit on the same lot.” Other businesses that wish to instill parking rules can no longer do so for some guest houses, particularly those already on a property with a main home. 

3D renderings of in-law-suite





Benefits Of Having A Guest House

    There are many benefits to adding a guest home to your house/property. These units are usually very affordable and are a great housing option especially for first time homeowners. Renting your accessory dwelling unit is an excellent way to make use of the unit and help with mortgage payments and general finances. Another benefit to these homes is that they are great for families with aging relatives. They allow you to be close enough to help out and still give your relatives their own space.

Granny unit




    Accessory dwelling units are a great home addition to consider. They’re generally inexpensive, smaller in size so they won’t take up a lot of space, and a fantastic way to have family close by.