What Are Architectural Facades?





     In the world of architecture, there are so many terms and phrases used for things relating to projects that it can be hard to remember what they all are and their purpose in the project. Architectural facades may be one of those phrases you’ve heard but don’t know what it means. Facades play an important role in a project. So, what are they?





What Are Architectural Facades?

        Façade is a French word meaning “frontage” or “face”. An architectural façade is the exterior face of a structure. It is one of the most important aspects of a structure from a design standpoint because it sets the style and feel for the rest of the structure.

Architectural facade





The Role Of Architectural Facades

         Facades have a critical role to play in an architectural project. Through their design, they help to reduce energy consumption and costs. They also use design elements to determine the placement of windows and doors and to keep water and air out of the interior structure.

Facade of a home





      Architectural design has many important elements to it. All these elements are critical to the safety and structural framework of any project.  They also help in creating a beautiful and coherent space you’ll be happy to return home to every day.