How To Schedule A Lot Survey




     Architectural projects are comprised of many details and processes. All of the steps that are needed to be taken help the architect or contractor get a better understanding of your project and the land they’re building on. Lot survey’s help with that. What is a lot survey? And how do you schedule one?




What Is A Lot Survey?

       Lot surveys are used to define the boundaries of your property. This helps your architect and contractors know where they are legally allowed to build. A land surveyor will perform the survey and gather all needed information for you.

Lot surveyor





How To Schedule A Survey

    It is generally the clients responsibility to schedule a lot survey and any other surveys that may be needed.

  The steps to schedule a survey are as follows:


-Figure Out If You Need A Survey Done

     The first step is to figure out if your project needs a lot survey. The architect you are working with should be able to figure out if you need the survey. The building department is also a good place to get the information you need.


  -Look At Your Options

      It’s a good idea to talk to several survey firms to compare cost estimates and find the one that works best with your budget. If you’re having trouble finding someone, your architect can work with you and give you recommendations.


 -Choose Surveyor

      Once you’ve done a thorough research, select your surveyor. At this point you will schedule a time for the surveyor to come out to your property and perform the survey. There is usually a retainer fee that is sent back with the contract.




       Once everything is set, you should receive a signed certificate when your survey has been complete.

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    Understanding your responsibilities as the client can help your project move along much more quickly. Your architect is always there to help you if you have any questions or concerns.