How Does An Architect Manage A Project?



   Once an architectural project gets going, there are many moving parts. All of this may seem overwhelming to the client. Architects are there to help. How do they ensure your project is managed well and moving along appropriately?




Project Management

   Drawing plans is just one part of the many tasks an architect is required to fulfill when preparing documents for approval with the city. These tasks range from site measurements to city code reviews. There is an array of complicated tasks that your professionals must carry out before the drawings begin, while the drawings are being put together and during submittal and review. The architect you contract with will set up your project's tasks based on your understanding of the process and desire of involvement. Some homeowners will put the entire project in the trustworthy hands of an architectural firm others choose to stay involved. That could include project entitlement and general management. There are specific and complex aspects that an owner will require the assistance of the architect to ensure the project moves along smoothly. After all why do you hire an architect, if not for their expertise and experience? 



Other aspects architects can manage are as follows:



-Source a contractor

Your architect can, select, negotiate with, and provide you with contractor contacts. In most cases, the homeowner is responsible for hiring the contractor. However, the architect and his firm are a great resource for recommendations. The architect can be a good advocate for you as the homeowner when bidding a project.



-Obtain Planning Permission 

   Architects can apply for planning permission for you. They will put together the working drawings, obtain the application and gather the required documents to submit to the city. This process takes place to ensure the safety and compliance of your structure. Most firms will offer entitlement of a project so you don't have to be responsible for the hassle of dealing with the city. 



-Obtain Building Permit

   Building permits can be obtained by your architect if you’d prefer not to take care of that task.
A building permit is obtained when a set of working drawings are submitted to the building department, much like the planning permission process. 

Architect, professional 





   If you don’t feel comfortable taking on these tasks or don’t feel you have the time, architects can take care of them for you. Be sure to discuss this with your architect in the first consultation meeting you have with them.