What Happens During A Consultation Meeting?



   The start of every project begins with a consultation. These meetings are very important to the overall outcome of the design and style of your project. What happens during these meetings?




Initial Consultation

The purpose of the consultation for any project is for the architect to get a better understanding in detail of your ideas and needs for your custom home, remodel, or addition. This consultation is also a time for you to get to know the architect and see some samples of their work. In this meeting you will discus everything about your project, learn more about industry costs and expected timelines. It is a great opportunity to ask the architect any questions you may have. Depending on the purpose of your consultation and size of project, it may take place in the architect's office, on your property or simply discuss the project via phone or web chat. Be sure to ask if there are any consultation fees ahead of time.






Additional Consultations

     After you’ve hired an architect and your project is getting started, you may have a couple more consultations at different stages of your project. Typically these would fall under design review meetings and site visits performed by the architect. Since your drawings need to meet building department requirements, the design may change in some ways. Your architect will contact you regarding changes either over the phone or set up an in office consultation to discuss the changes as required. Changes such as design, structural etc. may happen for many reasons, these changes maybe enforced by the city regarding coding and safety, recommended by the architect based on design and flow or cost effectiveness or the contractor may suggest field changes for a variety of unforeseen reasons. Some adjustments require a scope change within the contract. This is an agreement for additional work to be completed not included in the original contract. Typically a scope change takes place when the owner requires a major design change or additional work on the project. Whatever the changes they should be reviewed in a face to face meeting and implemented into the contract as needed.  






  Consultations are important to the progress, look, feel, and design of your project. They’re a great place for you to ask any questions you may have about the process and other aspects of the project. Be sure to communicate clearly to help your architect better understand your wants and needs.