What Is Conceptual Design?




      The design phase uses bubble diagrams among other techniques to begin conceptualizing the layout. This is the starting point of an architectural project. In this phase, the architect will consider all of the clients wants and needs for their custom home, remodel, or addition. One of the key parts of the design phase is the conceptual design.




What Is Conceptual Design?

       Conceptual design takes place in the beginning stages of the design phase. Its purpose is to outline the form and function of the structure and incorporate the clients needs and wish lists into the design. Conceptual design usually consists of drawings, illustrations, and sometimes models.

3D renderings, conceptual design





Why Is Conceptual Design Necessary? 

     More than just helping incorporate the client’s needs into the design, conceptual design also aids the architect in showing the client what their project may look like when it’s completed. An architect at this point will get as much information as needed about your property to help them in creating a design that works with the site. They will look at all viable options to find what is most aesthetically pleasing as a code compliant structure and fits your style. Your architect will come up with a few models or drawings for you to consider. During this phase, communication from the client is key.

Conceptual design, custom home





    Conceptual design takes the clients imaginary space and creates a beautiful structure based on the information provided to the architect. It is an essential part of the architectural process in which the homeowner should share their personal needs and wants.