How To Select A Landscape Architect

Sprucing up your property’s landscape is a great way to bring your homes value up and add more curb appeal. While this could be a big task for a lot of homeowners, fortunately, landscape architects are there to help!

What Are Landscape Architects?

Landscape architects are individuals who are licensed and educated in home garden layout and design. They work with homeowners to improve the function, value, and appearance of the property’s landscape. Landscape architects will create drawings or plans to help their client visualize what they’re trying to do.

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Landscape Architect’s Responsibilities

Landscape architects have many responsibilities. Like architects who design structures, they need to create plans and have them approved before they can begin making changes to the property. They formulate the drawings, create construction drawings, and specifications that show where land elements and water resources are located. Typical residential plans may include a site analysis, location of home and other structures, driveway, walks, and patio designs, water features, and selection/placement of plants. Plans may also include grading and drainage specifications, irrigation systems, erosion control measures, lighting plans, trellises, shade structures, fire safety zones, and landscape features. Landscape architects are also responsible for obtaining plan approval from necessary city or planning departments and obtaining bids from contractors. They have relatively similar responsibilities as architects who build structures.

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How To Select A Landscape Architect

    There are many great sources to find a quality landscape architect. Where should you start?



   It is important to find a landscape architect that is licensed. Landscape architects need to go through six years of education and experience and pass an examination to obtain their license. This will ensure that your project is completed with utmost quality.



   Your friends and family are great sources to go to when researching anything. Getting info from a trusted source who has worked with the architect is one of the best ways to go.



   Since contractors most likely work with several landscape architects they should be able to refer you to a few they have worked with.



Reviews are another great way to find a quality landscape architect. Reading what people like or didn't like can help you assess both a quality and personality of a particular firm or individual and choose who fits your needs.


When choosing a professional, it’s always good to do research. Be sure to take your time selecting a landscape architect. Some firms may offer free on site or in office consultations. This is a great way to get to know a firm and see if they’d be a good fit for you.