What Are Architectural Redlines?




   Architectural drawings are the foundation of a project. They lay out the details needed to build a structure. Every now and then, a project’s drawings may need to be revised to comply with the city’s building codes, or to add changes that the client wishes to make. This creates redlines. What are redlines?




Redlines Defined

    Redlines are editorial notes or revisions that are printed on architectural drawings showing corrections that need to be made. They are commonly found on construction drawings and are crossed out or highlighted in red ink to stand out on the paper and show they have been addressed. An architect may delegate the correction of these changes to a draftsman.

architectural redlines





What Constitutes Redlines?

  There are several things that could cause redlines to be made on drawings.

 Below is a list of some of the things that could cause redlines.


-Client change request

    The client may request a minor change to the design of the project.


-City Requirements

    The city may require the architect to make a change to satisfy building codes or any other requirements.


-Unexpected Problems

     A contractor or architect may come across some unforeseen problems with the site. This could lead to a number of minor or big changes in the design.







    While you may not deal with redlines directly, it is still important to be informed of the architectural process. If there are any changes you would like to make, communicate them clearly and as soon as possible to your architect. They will be able to better create your project according to your needs and aesthetics.